Extrusions System Components

Machining Types

Machining Types


Our specialists carry out a wide range of machining types for you:

  • For you – we use machines to cut your profiles to any required length, within the finest level of tolerance. If necessary, on sheets 0.5 mm thick.
  • For you – we drill single holes, multiple holes, in rows, from above, from below, from the side, at the top, with extreme precision, using through boring, as blind holes, counter-sunk or threaded.
  • For you – we mill edges, surfaces and contours, or even your company name.
  • For you – we punch flat sheets, in multiple layers for open profiles and, using special machines, dieless in hollow profiles. If required, we can even deliver more punched holes than material.
  • For you – we bend and form profiles, rods and pipes in one plane, and on different planes using sequential bending.
  • For you – we machine pipe ends in all common bores. Narrowed, flared or crimped – whatever you require.
  • For you – we cut and roll threads in all common thread types – on rods and pipes.
  • For you – we weld ALUMINIUM to ALUMINIUM where rivets, screws or beading is not feasible.

Lathing, riveting and bonding round off our services – for you.