Extrusions Electrical installation

INST•ALUM – the modern way of electrical installations

Aluminium electrical installation conduits

INST•ALUM is the unique electrical conduit system from AWW – of course it is made from Aluminium, a highly sustainable material that is far superior to other materials – particularly for electrical installations:

·         approximately 65% lighter than steel tube

·         no additional corrosion protection necessary

·         low installation costs

·         machining and installation work can be done with standard tools

All INST•ALUM electrical installation conduits meet DIN EN 61386-1, 61386-21, 61386-25 and 60423 standards and are therefore certified to the relevant quality standards. In addition, our INST•ALUM protective conduits significantly exceeds the mechanical strength properties required by DIN EN 61386 for heavy compression force (to classification 4 = 1250 N).

We generally supply the components of the INST•ALUM electrical conduit system from stock – Furthermore you can obtain them from authorized specialist traders and installers.


Plain conduits


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Threaded conduits


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Push-fit elbows


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Push-fit couplers


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Threaded couplers


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End sleeves


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Threaded elbows


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Tube clamps


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The EC Declaration of Conformity is provided hereafter:

Declaration of Conformity for Conduit system - INST°ALUM Plain conduits.pdf
Declaration of Conformity for Conduit system - INST°ALUM Threaded conduits.pdf

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